Charles and Casey

P Nameck – Drink it Away (video)

P Nameck – Drink It Away (audio)

P. Nameck – All The Way UP (audio)

Birthday Party at Chocolate Works

P. Nameck – Work

GOD BLESS – What I Been Through

GOD BLESS – Fear Over Love (freestyle)

Gist – Mighty Healthy

P. Nameck – Zero to Cockiness (real quick)

Zero to Cockiness

Gist – Morning Prayer

Kiddnapping Carl – Short Film

Rock Climbing – Brooklyn Boulders

Baptism of Avery

Christine and Keith (wedding trailer)

Manhasset Fitness Center – Spartan Race Training

Burpees on Vacation #2 – Hawaii

Burpees on Vacation #1 – Jamaica

New Born – Baby G