Thanks for visiting my webpage.
My name is Paul, but everyone calls me P.  Although I do not consider myself a professional photographer or videographer, I will take your money for my services, LOL… I consider it a lucrative hobby.
I am completely self taught and really enjoy taking photographs of life as it happens, spontaneously, some people refer to it as photo journalism, I think it’s the best way to capture an image, a mood, a feeling and a memory.
Videography allows me more opportunity to create a unique visual interpretation rather than just capturing images “as they are”.  Music is a big part of why I got into videography and in almost all situations I will try to incorporate music into my “work”.
Wether you would like to hire me to capture an event with photo or video, shoot your next music video, or you are artist who would like to collaborate on a project the best way to contact me is e-mail.


or contact me via any of the social media sites over there ———->