Simple Mind is the story of a man, who through therapy, discovers more about himself and his life then he ever imagined.

Simple Mind was created for the Youtube Your Film Festival contest as a joint effort by Phil Newsom and Paul Nameck who just wanted to see if they could do it. With the help of the very talented and patient actors Tim and Kristi, Paul was able to pull Phil’s story off the pages with a simple but effective visual. This film was shot over two days, with no budget, and with only Paul and Phil as the crew.

This film was shot with a Canon T3i using 28mm and 50mm lenses. Edited in Sony Vegas Pro. Sound was recorded directly into the camera with a rode mic which explains the horrible audio (damn you Automatic Gain Control).

Thanks to everyone for making this possible.

Written and Directed by
Phil Newsom —

Filmed and Edited by
Paul Nameck — –

Timothy J. Cox
Kristi McCarson

Music and Score by
Keith Campbell — –