Check out this short film I had the pleasure of filming….

Carl is scraping bottom, fired by a Nun from his dream job at Holy Cross Prep. He has lost all of his motivation for life, a life that his girlfriend Elise has carefully planned for. With her dreams of matrimony at stake, Elise hires a ‘professional’ kidnapper to ‘inspire’ Carl into taking command of his life but the experience changes Carl in very unexpected ways.

The film is produced by AFX Digital, MozzleStead and Same Old Films.

Zach McCoy
Simone Zvi
Colin Chapin
Kristin Cantwell
Jelani Bellamy
Alex Chan
Vin Kridakorn

John Dillion – Director
Phil Newsom – Screenwriter/Producer
Montserrat Mendez – Producer
Paul Nameck – Cinematography
Joshua Aaron Webb – Editor
Becky Snyder – Costume Design
Toby Klinger – makeup artist
Walt Whitsitt – sound mixer
Chris Pope – production assistant